Dosing Pumps Applications - Pool Control

Our portfolio includes a wide range of products and dosing products for private and public pools. Our company can work to develop customized solutions and every need.

We offer you various dosing pumps, tools and panels to simplify and automated dosing and pool dosing.

The ‘’POOL CONTROL” range includes:

  • Dosing pumps for PH/REDOX/CHLORINE control
  • Dosing pumps for flocculating/algae inhibitor
  • Dosing pumps for hydrogen peroxide
  • Single/multi parameter control instruments (PH. Redox, Chlorine, T°)
  • Double systems “DUAL”
  • Complete and “ready to use” panels
  • Accessories

All the systems have been studied expressly for an easy and immediate programming.

For some systems, technologically advanced, we have the opportunity to manage the data directly via web. So, it’s possible to control and run the dosing process of pumps and instruments in complete autonomy.

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