CM2W Connect Machines to Web

CM2W – Connect Machines to Web is a software development company, which provides different business profiles with the ability to remotely monitor and control a wide range of hardware equipment. The company is forwarder in the field with an innovative approach following the most advanced trends in the software development industry.

When we focused to work with CM2W they took our intention with that they knew the dosing systems and the problems of the manufacturers very well.

With this management system, our customers and manufacturers will going to:

  • Reduce maintenance costs by 90%
  • Increase the life of the tubes used in the dosing pumps by 50%
  • A loss of 40% due to the lack of accurate dosing, and
  • To prevent 100% possible fraud

Platinum Partnership agreement between CM2W and Optimum Chemicals is signed at the beginning of 2018 for the Turkey region.